Tuesday, October 18, 2005

STI Update for 10/18

I finally got tired of waiting for the CBC to respond to my inquiries on the fate of the Instigator and finally decided to go right to the source. I contacted the author of The Instigator, Charlie Teljeur, asking what the deal was with the comic and why it wasn’t being updated on CBC.ca.

To my dismay, Charlie informed me that “The Instigator will
Not return "until/unless they can secure a sponsor" to offset the costs.”

My nightmare has been confirmed. CBC.ca is holding production of The Instigator until a sponsor ponies up some cash to cover production costs.

I’m disappointed that they’re taking this course of action, so it’s time for us loyal fans to step up and get this gem back into our lives. It’s time to take action folks. It’s time to let CBC that we want The Instigator back!


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