Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Send an email to CBC.ca

Help us convince CBC.ca to bring The Instigator back! Send an email to sportsonline@cbc.ca today. We'll even help by writing the email for you. Simply copy and paste the following into an email, sign and and send away:

Dear CBC,

I’m a big fan of The Instigator comic strip that has run on CBC.ca for the past few years, but was disappointed to see it pulled from your lineup during the NHL lockout. Now that the NHL is back in business, so should The Instigator.

Please help me get my weekly fix of this great series. Please bring The Instigator back to the CBC.ca lineup.

<your name here>
A die hard fan of The Instigator

Send your email today. Tell a friend to send an email. Heck tell your enemies to send an email, just get the word out! It's time to bring The Instigator back online.


Anonymous Azul said...

Done! Your work is fantastic! Maybe you could write a book and put all your work, even the banned stuff, out for the public?

Here's my email: I'll keep writing. -------------

I am shocked and fuming that you would even consider tossing out Charlie's incredible artwork and humor.

Wasn't it bad enough that fans were locked out of hockey? They took the heart out - and now you are taking out the humor.

Bring back Charlie.

I've contacted my cable company and have stated that I will not sign up for Center Ice (which provides Hockey Night/Day in Canada) untill you reinstate the Instigator.

Say it isn't so.

The ***** Family

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

Charlie, dont waste your time with the CBC.

Talk with TSN, Sportsnet. The Hockey News. Sun Media or Canwest Global. The instigator does not need to die because CBC has no clue what people want to see.

9:40 AM  

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