Monday, October 17, 2005

Help Save The Instigator!

Welcome to Save the Instigator. This blog is the home of a grassroots effort to save The Instigator, a cartoon developed by Charlie Teljeur which parodies hockey (professional, amatuer, international, etc.). The Instigator is (was?) a regular comic that appeared online as part of the Hockey Night in Canada lineup on the website (

It appears that CBC has halted production of The Instigator.

If you're like us, you LOVE this parody and want it back! Help us Save The Instigator. Join our grassroots effort to bring The Instigator back online. Start by sending an email to CBC and let them know that you want The Instigator back!

It's not to late to Instigate!


Anonymous Morgan Keller said...

Charlie Teljeur and The Instigator absolutely ROCK! We got our Hockey back, now give us back our Instigator! Just yesterday I was thinking of emailing Charlie and asking what was up and he emailed me out the blue today with your link and an explanation. Thanks to you for getting the ball rolling and spreading the word! I need to make some modification to my pages to help INSTIGATE some change!!!

2:52 PM  

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