Friday, November 04, 2005

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

We did it people! we helped save The Instigator!!!! We received the following from the folks at CBC:

Just a quick note to let you know The Instigator is back online at If you could post something on your blog, which has become the hub of bring-back-the-Instigator activity, that would be great.

It has a slightly revamped address:

We'll be adding the full roster of archives by the weekend, as well as the full-size toon with the 'email to a friend' function.

Charlie and I have been in touch almost daily since the CBC lockout ended (I was locked out too) and let's just say we're both really relieved that it's back.

So, barring another lockout or a meteor strike, The Instigator will be with us for at least this season.

Let me just thank you and the legions of Charlie's other fans who filled up our mailbox for your support for and dedication to the best toon on the web. I still would have found a way to bring it back even without your campaign, but you did make a difference.


Andrew L.
Senior Producer
CBC Sports Online

We can't thank everyone enough. Thanks to you and all the folks that sent emails to CBC and posted references to this blog on your websites! We put together a true grassroots effort here and we accomplished what we set out to do. Now we'll get The Instigator twice a week as a reward!

Game On!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thanks from the big guy...

Looks like word of our efforts have made its way to the man himself. Charlie asked me to pass this on to all of you:

Hey Instigator fans. I'm deeply honored and appreciative of the work Mike and all of you are doing in this attempt to get the feature back up. How, after fours and likely millions of hits it still has to prove itself is both irritating and depressing to me. I'm confident CBC on its corporate level has no idea of The Instigator's appeal and popularity. Hopefully we can show them that.

The crusade is in its early stages. The initial plunk is minor creating waves. I was told by my contact at CBC that they are getting "tons of email" but I believe this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Your input and diligence is still needed. Please keep forwarding the link, keep spreading the word. Believe it or not there is a solid European fan base as well and I know they have no idea of what's going on yet. Once this thing catches some steam I firmly believe it will have an impact.

Regardless of the outcome your efforts are sincerely appreciated. And, just to give you some sort of fix, here's a cartoon to remind you what you're fighting for.

Keep that chin strap tight. War can be Hell.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let's get this party started...

If you're visiting this blog, you're probably doing so because you saw some reference to Charlie's plight to get The Instigator reinstated at CBC. The outpouring of support has been fantastic, but we need to keep up the great momentum we've been building since launching the blog.

Here's a list of things you can do to helpl that cause:

1) Send that email to CBC letting them know that you want The Instigator reinstated.

2) If you know of other cool hockey websites and blogs, let the publishers of those sites know about our cause and point them here. Grassroots efforts like this are successful if the exposure is strong amongst the, well, those grassroots, er websites. You know what I mean. Having them post a "I Want My Instigator" button on those sites will go along way in helping us get The Instigator back online.

3) If you frequent hockey message boards and forums, let your fellow community members know about this blog. We've seen it happening already (which we think is really cool), so we'd love to see more of it. Now, with that said, please be respectful of the publishers of those message boards. Some don't like off topic messages unrelated to their sites, and many consider it spam. We're not doing this to tick people off, in fact quite the opposite. We know that the only way to build support is to have sites like this support us so we can get our message out. If they don't want these types of posts, then don't continue the threads, and certainly don't confront or breate the publishers for objecting.

4) Send an email to your local newspaper sports editor or columnist. Let them know what's going on. Chances are, if they are true hockey fans, they've heard of The Instigator.

5) Finally, send email to all your hockey lovin friends. Let them know what's going on. Chances are you haven't talked to them in a while because of the lockout (or perhaps you still owe them beer money?), but hey, it's time to reconnect. While you're at it, get them to fire off an email to CBC in support of our cause.

Any other great gorilla marketing ideas out there? If so, post a comment to this post. We're listening. Heck, we'll even buy the beer at the next game!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Send an email to

Help us convince to bring The Instigator back! Send an email to today. We'll even help by writing the email for you. Simply copy and paste the following into an email, sign and and send away:

Dear CBC,

I’m a big fan of The Instigator comic strip that has run on for the past few years, but was disappointed to see it pulled from your lineup during the NHL lockout. Now that the NHL is back in business, so should The Instigator.

Please help me get my weekly fix of this great series. Please bring The Instigator back to the lineup.

<your name here>
A die hard fan of The Instigator

Send your email today. Tell a friend to send an email. Heck tell your enemies to send an email, just get the word out! It's time to bring The Instigator back online.

STI Update for 10/18

I finally got tired of waiting for the CBC to respond to my inquiries on the fate of the Instigator and finally decided to go right to the source. I contacted the author of The Instigator, Charlie Teljeur, asking what the deal was with the comic and why it wasn’t being updated on

To my dismay, Charlie informed me that “The Instigator will
Not return "until/unless they can secure a sponsor" to offset the costs.”

My nightmare has been confirmed. is holding production of The Instigator until a sponsor ponies up some cash to cover production costs.

I’m disappointed that they’re taking this course of action, so it’s time for us loyal fans to step up and get this gem back into our lives. It’s time to take action folks. It’s time to let CBC that we want The Instigator back!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Get the Word Out!

Help us get the word out that The Instigator needs to be saved. If you publish a website or blog you can help!. Simply post the following code on your site/blog:

This code will present the following image on your site with a hyperlink back to this site:

Help Save The Instigator!

Welcome to Save the Instigator. This blog is the home of a grassroots effort to save The Instigator, a cartoon developed by Charlie Teljeur which parodies hockey (professional, amatuer, international, etc.). The Instigator is (was?) a regular comic that appeared online as part of the Hockey Night in Canada lineup on the website (

It appears that CBC has halted production of The Instigator.

If you're like us, you LOVE this parody and want it back! Help us Save The Instigator. Join our grassroots effort to bring The Instigator back online. Start by sending an email to CBC and let them know that you want The Instigator back!

It's not to late to Instigate!